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About Our Ministry

Bent Tree Counseling Center is a non-profit organization established in 1990. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality professional counseling for individuals, couples and families to facilitate psychological and spiritual growth for our clients.

Our professional staff of Christian counselors come from various educational, experiential and denominational backgrounds. All are licensed in their particular discipline and are committed to a very relational, spiritually sensitive and growth oriented process of psychotherapy. We offer individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults, various group therapies, couples work, and play therapy for children.

We are experienced in dealing with a wide spectrum of psychological disorders including depression, anxiety, addictions and codependency issues, abuse and trauma recovery, eating disorders, adjustment, identity and self-esteem problems, as well as exploring obstacles in spiritual growth. We are also experienced in facilitating remarriage transitions and divorce adjustments including support to children, parenting and parent-child conflict, blended family issues and grief and loss.

Our staff work as a treatment team for our own personal growth, professional insight and accountability. Our focus is on helping clients understand their own emotional, cognitive and behavioral systems, recognizing God’s revelation to mankind through Jesus Christ for abundant life here and now and for life eternal, and supporting responsible life choices for today.

Our mission is to help our clients grow in their relationships with God, with others and with themselves.