Air Conditioner Maintenance Basics

The first step in air conditioner maintenance is to clean the filter. The filter can be located anywhere on the indoor unit, horizontally or vertically. Older models have filters inside the blower cabinet. Clean the filter with a vacuum attachment. Replace it when necessary. The filter should be replaced every ten to twelve months, or when the unit reaches its life expectancy. The technician should also test the unit’s voltage and refrigerant levels.

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The next step is to clean the coils. A clogged filter is bad for your AC unit and can lead to water damage. If the drain is plugged, it will prevent the air conditioner from functioning correctly. Make sure that all the electrical connections are secure. Use an electrical test meter to check the capacitors. If you’re not confident with this process, call a local HVAC expert. If you can’t perform the maintenance on your own, the technician can include it in your biannual checkup.

The evaporator drain must be cleared. A clogged drain can cause flooding or damage to the AC unit. The evaporator drain pipe drains near the condenser unit. If the evaporator drain is clogged, you can use a wet/dry vacuum to remove any debris. You can also change the blower filter. If the evaporator is clogged, you may want to consider getting it professionally serviced.

Air conditioning units have a complex ecosystem of tubes, motors, and electrical components. Performing maintenance on the unit can prevent short circuits, which will damage your air conditioner and cause flooding in your home. The evaporator drain pipe drains water near the condenser unit. To clean the evaporator drain, use a wet/dry vacuum. It’s also a good idea to change the blower filter every couple of months.

Regular air conditioner maintenance helps keep the system working at peak efficiency. It makes it less expensive to run, because the cooling equipment doesn’t have to work as hard to cool a room. By performing regular maintenance on the air conditioner, you’ll enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home all year long. And because air conditioning maintenance is crucial, it will save you money. By doing these simple tasks, you’ll be able to enjoy your cool home in no time.

The next step in air conditioner maintenance is changing the filter. The filter is a key component, and needs to be changed regularly to avoid the unit from overheating. A dirty filter will also make your AC unit more inefficient, so changing it is essential. The filters must be cleaned every three to four months to avoid short circuits and maximize its life expectancy. You should also keep the power on at least two hours per day during peak times to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences.