Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

One of the most popular types of beds for stomach sleepers are the Stomach sleeper, a unique design that uses contouring memory foam for a firm but comfortable sleeping surface. The Puffy utilizes two densest and most responsive layers of cool and durable memory foam with a firm and responsive core. With three layers to each side creating a total of a 14 inch mattress. The all-around universal feel of the mattress is a medium-firm, luxurious feel. This feel also works well for many other sleeping positions and is just right for the most dominant stomach sleeper.

best pillow for stomach sleepers

The Stomach sleeper offers four different comfort options, including a thermostatic contouring memory foam mattress cover, adjustable arm rests, an innovative center pullout mattress wedge and variable firmness or support to select according to your needs. The thermostatic contour memory foam mattress cover works with your body heat to help keep you warm at night while maintaining your optimal comfort. Adjustable arm rests give you the freedom to elevate your head and neck to customize this unique mattress. And, because this mattress was developed for people who sleep on their side, the center pullout mattress wedge allows you to position it in the most advantageous way to help you get a good night’s rest.

This unique and best mattress for stomach sleepers was created to meet the needs of a person who simply wants the most comfortable and supportive mattress for their body. This product was designed to meet the needs of a person who either snores very loudly when sleeping on their back, or for someone who simply wishes to have the most supportive mattress for their body. Most people find the Stomach sleeper to be extremely comfortable. In addition to being extremely comfortable, the unique design of the Stomach sleeper also means that it is firm and provides excellent support. Because it is firm, this unique mattress for stomach sleepers will conform to the shape of your body. It provides superior support for each individual person.