Blue Lotus – Aphrodisiac and Sedative

The blue lotus flower has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. The flowers and roots are both considered narcotic and were noted in the Ebers papyrus, a record of herbal knowledge in ancient Egypt. Some of the alkaloids found in the blue lotus flower are known as nuciferine, nupharidine, and niacinal. These substances are believed to have psychoactive properties. They are thought to induce euphoria and have vivid dreams. While it is not yet clear what the benefits of the blue lotus flower are, the flowers are often infuse into wine or other beverage.

blue lotus

The flowers are soaked in wine to create a tea that has a high concentration of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Alternatively, the flowers can be smoked or prepared in any other way. The most popular preparation is a drink made from the dried flower, which can be prepared as a tea or a drink. There are also many products available in the market that can be consumed, including blue lotus flower products. The benefits of this medicinal plant are well known, but their use should be regulated and researched.

The benefits of blue lotus can be aphrodisiac and sedative. It has also been reported to have a calming effect, which can make it useful for treating gastrointestinal ailments. In fact, a recent study of four commercial blue lotus products has found that nuciferine (an anti-psychotic agent) was detected in all five samples. A sample containing 4300 ng/g of nuciferine was aerosolized using an electric cigarette.

Although blue lotus is considered safe in most states of the U.S., its psychoactive effects still need further research. While it is not illegal to grow and consume blue lotus, it is not recommended to take more than 5 grams per day. Nevertheless, the flower should not be used while driving, breastfeeding, or while pregnant. A few other precautions should be observed while consuming this herb. You must consult a medical professional before ingesting it.

Historically, the blue lotus has been used as aphrodisiac, although modern medicinal research has not proven its effects. However, the alkaloid nuciferine found in blue lotus has been associated with increased sexual performance, so this plant is a popular choice among men and women. It is believed to relieve anxiety and aid in sleeping. It is not known if it can cure alcoholism.

A variety of blue lotus flower products are available. Some are natural and may not contain any ingredients. Some of these products are available in the form of tea or incense. While most studies have not confirmed the medicinal benefits of the blue lotus flower, its effects on the body are mild. People who take the plant may experience a feeling of euphoria or reduce their anxiety. But this effect is only temporary. Once the effects wear off, the plant is not harmful to humans.