Choosing Chalkboard Paint Colors

In this article we are going to discuss chalkboard paint colors. Annie Sloan, who is the owner of a blog called Pinterest, shares some advice on how to choose the right shade of chalkboard paint. It’s important to get this right if you want your chalkboard to look good. If you simply use the wrong colors on your board, it could look homemade or just plain old hideous.

annie sloan black chalk paint

What is more, I have seen several DIY painting lessons online where the artists just go ahead and choose colors that are not even remotely related to the colours used in a paint store. And I have to say, that is pretty irresponsible on their part. If you truly want your chalkboard to speak to people (and act like a voice recorder as well), then you need to make sure you pick out colours that match. This doesn’t just apply to the DIY painting lessons online; it also applies to the classroom.

When we are choosing chalkboard paint, we are often faced with the challenge of how to blend the chalkboard into our chosen colour scheme. We may all have favourite crayon colours and ideas about how to blend these into the right design. However, in my experience, it is best to stick to one colour scheme. It does no good for your project to be haphazardly done up with different colours that don’t match one another.