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Bent Tree Counseling Center is a non-profit corporation which exists to provide a balance between biblical truth and psychological principles. The Center provides crisis intervention, assessment, inpatient referral, and counseling for individuals and families. BTCC specializes in addictive disorders dysfunctional interpersonal relationships, major psychiatric disorders, and abuse survivor-ship issues – (sexual, emotional, religious, physical and mental).


Our Foundational Philosophy

Bent Tree Counseling Center is committed to the philosophy that counseling is a healing and growth process that addresses problems by assessing the client’s emotional, psychological, behavioral, cognitive and spiritual dimension, and how they can change in order to reach the potential God intended for them. We encourage clients to identify treatment goals and keep a clear focus on problems resolution. We foster a sense of accountability in order for the individual client to make necessary changes in attitudes, feelings, behavior, or life circumstances. We maintain a loving, non-judgmental attitude while demonstrating sensitivity to needs and problems. The counseling affirms the worth and value of the client, based on Biblical principals that can help him understand God’s plan and love.


We Believe

Everyone on the staff of BTCC has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Trusting the Holy Spirit for guidance in the counseling relationship, we offer hope and comfort to those who suffer.