Different Types of Cloud Based Services

Many cloud service providers are offering different types of cloud based solutions for different purposes. The primary aim behind these cloud based services is to provide customers with an idea that they have solutions for various problems related to their business. One of the most important cloud solutions is the business intelligence cloud service. This cloud solution provides real time data and analytical reports about your business. With this you get a better insight into your business’ performance. Business intelligence can be used to analyze, plan and implement business changes and other strategies.

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Another most common type of cloud based solutions is the on-demand cloud based solutions. On-demand is very similar to the utility computing where you can use it either absolutely free of cost or paid on a monthly basis. The main advantage of on-demand is that you don’t need to pay for it and you can get its maximum functionality for that period of time. Another advantage of on-demand cloud based solutions is that you can use them on demand. If your application is not serving the purpose then you just can turn it down and get it done again another time.

The other two types of cloud based solutions are the private and the hybrid clouds. The private cloud based services are usually used for on-demand functions and therefore you don’t need to worry about the quality and uptime of these services since the customer will pay only when the need is there. On the other hand the hybrid cloud based services are more like utility computing where the user is paying for the basic functionality and then he can choose the additional features according to his requirement. With these two types of cloud based solutions the users can get the best of both worlds.