How to Find the Right Bodyguard

Close protection officers (CPOs), also known as bodyguards, guard customers from unwanted physical contact or violence by a third party. Their job consists of: guarding their customers from potential threats of harm. While some Bodyguard companies will train Bodyguards to do everything already mentioned, many Bodyguard businesses will hire bodyguards who have not had any formal training and only have the knowledge of what is expected of them. In a private bodyguard business, it is the discretion of the owner as to whether or not Bodyguards are professionally trained.

When hire close protection or Bodyguard companies, it is important for you to do a practical assessment of the Bodyguard company or Bodyguard officer you want to hire. Performing a practical assessment is a critical process that helps determine if the selected Bodyguard Company or Bodyguard officer would meet your specific requirements. Your specific needs may include: hiring a Bodyguard for special events like weddings or concerts; hiring a Bodyguard to protect your child, spouse or pets on your property; or hiring a Bodyguard for your personal residence, business or car.

In order to assess the skills and capabilities of Bodyguard personnel you will need to interview Bodyguard candidates. Interviewing Bodyguard candidates helps you build a complete picture of their skills, preferences and experiences which can be compared to your own. Interviewing Bodyguard candidates will also help you learn more about the typical job duties and responsibilities of Bodyguard officers. It is also during your interview process that you can determine if a particular Bodyguard has met your specific or practical needs.