In the ranks of ice hockey’s top players include Gordie Howe

In the ranks of ice hockey’s top players include Gordie Howe, and Ted Lindsay. They’re part of Detroit’s famed Production Line. Their speedy speed and amazing stick-handling abilities make them an dangerous offensive weapon. When they were shooting or skating the puck, these two players were formidable on the skating rink. They are regarded for their excellence in what they did and have become icons of the sport. But who could match their accomplishments?

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Some of the more striking stats about these two athletes is their stats. Forsberg averaged more than one point in each game as well as being named NHL’s Rookie Of The year in the 1994-1995 season. The 116 points he scored were the highest in one season, and more than the average player ever. He also scored an assist of 86, making him perhaps the top pure player. But those stats aren’t all he did.

In his peak, Lemieux dominated the NHL. His scores of 62 goals and points were incredible. In actuality the player was the top scorer in the strike season of 1995-96. The striker continued dominating the sport throughout the years until he was awarded the Hart Trophy. However the player was plagued by health issues for several years. In the end, he quit hockey early. However, he was able to return to the sport in the middle of in the season 2000-01. In the 2000-01 season, he scored 76 points over 43 games.

Joe Sakic was another player who had a stellar career. He played with a lot of passion and respect and was a fantastic player for captaining the Colorado Avalanche. Although he wasn’t the most loud player, he was a leader by his example. He scored at least 3 points in each of the initial five seasons. There are plenty of excellent players on the field however, these five make a statement. So, who is the best?

Although Crosby and Ovechkin have similar feats however, their styles of play are different. Contrarily, Crosby is a natural player, and is just as adept in making teammates better. Third line grinders who don’t have the best skills in shooting could be transformed into point-scoring players with Crosby’s expertise and intelligence. Although Crosby’s statistics are impressive, he’s far from being the most successful player ever to play in the history of basketball.

For Lindros his professional career, it is impressive as well. His speed, physical style, and endurance are not common among athletes. His style of play that often led to physical injuries and ultimately led to his demise. Concussions caused him to modify his game. Yet, Lindros did become one of the top players in his time in the early 20th century. However, Lindros didn’t get the respect he merited and was an outstanding player of his period.

The majority of these top players came from outside the U.S., but they were introduced to the sport in Canada. Mikita started playing hockey in his St. Catherines Teepees when the age of a child. Then, he made the jump into the NHL. He then played three seasons with the OHA before making the move into the NHL. He is today considered to be one of the best European players of all time.