Prize you will find for and the reward you get will depend on who the treasure

Scavenger hunts are usually interesting and include an element of the mind that intensifies the difficulty, yet another aspect that can increase the interest and enthusiasm is the award given at the end. Scavenger hunts that offer an award for your winner are more commonly referred to as treasure hunts and they’re enormous. Many organizations fork many thousands for events in order to generate publicity for their products or facilities. One excellent example with regard to a massive stakes treasure hunt the TV show The Amazing Race, that includes teams that race around the world in search of take home a million dollars.


There is no requirement to promote millions of dollars to launch your own treasure hunt. Scavenger hunts are fun in their own right and a reward can be a great way to make it making it more enjoyable, even though the prize isn’t that huge. It is possible that donating an incentive to the hunt can help raise the level of awareness of those who are requested to participate and perhaps even to the point of wanting to pay to gain access. It’s true that the treasure hunt is an excellent opportunity for fundraising. The idea of asking for donations to participate makes it easy to provide a prestigious reward that draws even more participants who are paid to take part.

Treasure hunts can be traditional scavenger hunts that have simple defined objectives, or they may include clues or hunts that make the contestants engage in a greater amount of imagination and concentration. When treasure is the focus it’s better to make the most of your search. The participants will be determined to work until the moment an official winner is announced! Since more challenges are to be expected, a hunt or a hybrid of clue-hunt elements are suggested. Not just do they cause an extra level of difficulty however, they are also simpler to organize as stated by planners and scavenger hunt experts.

The prize you will find for and the reward you get will depend on who the treasure hunt is designed to appeal to. Children are typically fascinated by things like candy or an inexpensive toy. Easter egg hunts are an excellent illustration of this. For teenagers and adults there is no reason to be unsuccessful in obtaining a cash reward. In some cases, things are the best option, especially when they are very generously donated or you quickly find a bargain. If your treasure hunt is based on an idea, adding a bonus related to the theme generally is a great idea. A good example is in the event that you have based your treasure hunt around one of the American Treasure DVD, a statuette or a related “relic” is going to be well-loved. If there is a fee for participating in the treasure hunting, you must be sure to determine if the reward is worth the price of entry.