Pros and Cons of Pancake Air Compressor

A Pancake Air Compressor, also known as Combustion Engine, is one of the oldest types of compressed air that we have around. They are very popular and many of us own one for different purposes. Pancake air compressors are known for their portability, durability and affordability as well. They are generally used by construction workers, mechanics, automotive technicians, and plumbers. However, a Pancake Air Compressor can be used by everyone as they do not require much space and can fit into any type of vehicle or compartment.

6 gallon air compressor

A Pancake Air Compressor can be purchased from a number of sources such as, automotive dealerships, tool stores, online sites, department stores, supermarkets, etc. They come in all shapes, sizes, power sources and capacities. For example, you can find them as small as 2 pounds, up to twenty pounds, and even more. A Pancake Air Compressor usually comes with a hose, which is needed for attaching to automobiles or other small enclosed areas. The most common use of them is for powering small pneumatic tools such as nails, hammers, drills, etc.

Another important point to note is that unlike the motorcycle, a bicycle tire can not be damaged by using them. A bicycle tire is very small and brittle. On the other hand, the Pancake Air Compressor will damage a large motorcycle tire. So, these pros and cons should be considered before purchasing one. It is also worthy to note that they are quite safe as long as it is used with the correct casing. If it is used unwisely, it could cause some damage to your automobile or even worse, human life.