Basement Renovation & Repair Services

Do you have an unfinished basement? Trust it or not, we can transform this unused, dark basement area into a charming new functional room for your home. What is now humid, dark, uncomfortable place in your home could soon become the new highlight for your family’s fun.

The experts at basement remodel Columbus Ohio can assess your present needs,  including foundation and waterproofing repairs. From there, our team will job with you to plan and design new living areas for your lower level.

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Many homeowners are using their basements to make the best area for entertaining with a pool table, wine cellar, wet bar, and even a home theater. Maybe you need a relax office at home or an in-law suite for an aging relative. The chances can go and on. That is why perfect planning is very important.

Planning a basement remodel

The fact that you are here point out you have already thinking about the possibilities. Have you considered things like lighting, access, noise and windows? These can plan an important part in your finished basement. Do you want to keep noise out for a calm office or keep noise in for a home theater.

Basement remolding goals

Next, begin making lists and determining priorities. Deciding what you must have to make the project a victory and what can be removed for the sake of your budget will stop you from making a bad decision on the spur of the moment. As with most great remodeling projects, you should hire a remodeling contractor to design and build your area so you know everything is up to code and rightly constructed. Having your priorities in order will make simpler this process.

Hiring a basement contractor

The beauty of being a homeowner is that you can design the areas in your home actually how you want. If your purchase your home with an uncompleted basement, perhaps finishing it is your aim. Alternatively, maybe it is time for your already-finished basement to get a fresh look. If you are looking to transform your basement design, you have a lot of choices Рadding a second living room, designing  video game room for the kids, making your basement a home gym, and whatever else you can think. Basement remodel Columbus Ohio will work with you at every step of the renovation process, from nailing down a design all the way through to the construction end. No issue what project you have in mind, we are dedicated to building your dream basement.