Interesting Corgi Information

There are certain breeds of dog which have become highly popular and known worldwide; the Corgi dogs are one of them. Originating in Australia, these adorable and lovable creatures are the offspring of a crossing of the Standard Schnauzer and the Corgi breed. Corgis are naturally curly coated and have exquisite hunting skills. Their sleek and silky coats require extra care and maintenance to keep their lustrous beauty. These dogs should be socialized from an early age to help prevent behavioral problems and future health problems.

cho corgi

Corgi dogs can be used as watchdogs, house pets, show dogs, obedience animals or for general purposes. They make very good watchdogs and can even take commands well. A well trained Corgi can even protect its master from harm, and at times, even protect its master from its own untrained side. However, these amazing creatures need to be trained properly before they can prove their skills.

If you are looking for a Corgi dog, you can start your search with Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs were imported from the UK and have since become quite popular. The beautiful coat of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is silky and smooth, which makes it very attractive for a pet. It can be good with children, but should not be left alone around small children because it tends to snore.