3 Reasons to Use a Website Builder to Create a Website

Everybody wants a brand new website but they don’t want to spend a fortune paying a web developer to create one for them, so one of the easiest and quickest ways to create a website online these days is by using a website builder which offers a drag and drop solution with no coding required and you can have a brand new or updated website created within a matter of minutes.

The best website builders often allow you to create a multi-page website, collect credit card information using ecommerce and even offer a contact or booking form which allows you to interact with your potential clients or capture leads. Today we will be looking at four of the best reasons why you need to use a website builder to create your next website.


1, It’s Cheap

The first reason why so many people choose a website builder is that it’s cheap and affordable and they’re often lured in by the free trial or the free subscription that most of these website builders offer such as the ability to create and build a website for free which is often sponsored by advertisements placed on their website. For most people starting a website seeing a free sign Causes there I bulbs to light up and they get really excited because they can build a website without spending any money whatsoever.

Ultimately website builders offer a free platform because most of the premium features or the ability to remove those ads require a premium subscription however most of the website builders out there offer an affordable monthly fee which can be discounted further by purchasing and paying for an annual subscription.

Ultimately purchasing a website builder subscription will be much cheaper than paying a web developer or even paying for your own web hosting an using a WordPress platform however you do have to compromise on your customise ability.


  1. It’s Secure

Website builders are secure and it’s highly unlikely that your website will ever be hacked unless you use a easy to guess password or your own computer is compromised however they usually offer website backups which means that they can restore your website within a matter of hours if anything happens or it is hacked.

If you are using your own website you would be required to keep your own backups which are timely too make and timely too restore your website which most people do not wish to do or do not have the technical capacity to do this as well



  1. It’s Regularly Updated


The last reason to use a website builder is that their platform is regularly updated an offers a wide variety of different features that are implemented across all the websites that they are hosting which means you can take advantage of the latest features and services offered by them regardless of the package that you are on.

If you had your own WordPress website, you would have to update this and hope that you do not break the website when you were updating the plugins however on a managed website builder, they take care of the entire process for you.