What Is An Average Relocation Package?

Relocating, also called moving, or overseas moving, is the act of one or more people moving from one home to another. Sometimes a move is to a local area within the same neighborhood, sometimes a further away place in another city, or even another country altogether. This can include a move abroad if one lives in a non-English speaking country or an interstate move if one lives in a state other than where they currently live. Whatever the reason for relocating, it can be a complicated task.

Relocating can have a myriad of affects on a person’s life. People who are moving to a new home will have a whole new set of household chores to deal with when they move. Moving companies have specific tools and resources to make this easier for their clients so that they do not have to stress out about the prospect of relocating. Moving companies have resources such as online resources for finding new homes to purchase, finding moving services, and finding a moving company.


The average relocation package should include provisions for emergency help if necessary. Even a short distance such as a weekend can present problems if the transferee is unable to get himself or herself to their new residence. Most movers and transfer service companies provide support after the fact, usually by offering temporary shelter in their parking lot or assisting the transferee in making their way to their new destination. There are some movers who provide services twenty-four hours a day if needed, but moving an average distance in such a short time is not feasible.