Clearing Your Chakra System for a Healthier Lifestyle

Chakra Healing is based on the idea that the human energy field, also known as the Chakra, plays an important role in all our physical, mental and spiritual wellness. The Chakra consists of a network of energy centers or vortices located throughout the body. It is believed that these vortices are responsible for the various symptoms and diseases that we experience both physically and mentally. In some cases it has been shown to also influence the amount of money that you are able to manifest in your life.

Chakra cleansing is one of the most popular forms of Chakra Healing nowadays, and it is an effective technique that can help you cleanse your Chakra’s and restore balance to your aura. Essential oils are commonly used in chakra cleansing, whether utilized alone, in combinations or even with other alternative therapies such as Reiki, mantras and affirmations. Another interesting aspect of the chakra cleansing is the coincidental changes of vibration that certain crystals can give to specific essential oil blends. This is especially true for green and grounding oils such as basil, geranium, marjoram and lavender. The energies that these oils provide through chakra cleansing are especially helpful when you are attempting to build up your self-esteem or when you are suffering from low self esteem.

Muladhara Chakra

Although there is no scientific evidence to support the theory of chakra healing or the existence of seven main chakras, there are many people who swear by the practice and have used it in their own lives. There are several books available which outline the benefits of chakra healing for the interested person. A quick internet search should yield several websites where you can find more information about chakras, and the benefits of cleaning and healing them. Whether you are suffering from insomnia, low self esteem or some other Chakra related condition, chakra healing can improve your life by giving you a clearer outlook on life in general.