The Tree Benefit to the Planet

Ever wondered just how trees benefit the planet? Trees serve many purposes and are an important part of the natural habitat. A tree can grow almost anywhere and at any climate; shade, privacy, help keep you cool in the summer and provide shelter from rain and other types of inclement weather. They don’t add to global warming like a coal or petroleum powered plant does and they do make the air cleaner and greener because the leaves collect and filter pollutants. They are beautiful and provide year round entertainment and pleasure.

There are two types of trees: the living trees which give live energy and nutrients back into the soil, and the artificial tree which look good, is more often than not plastic or metal and is sometimes built with pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers so it doesn’t have a real life. Artificial trees can be planted anywhere in your yard as long as it is designated as a tree garden. Some people even grow fruit trees, bushes, and vegetables around their homes and these are usually planted in containers. They have low maintenance, can last for decades if properly cared for and are environmentally friendly. Artificial trees can benefit you by saving you money because they use less water and energy and there are many tree service providers out there who will come and trim your trees or otherwise take care of them for you.

In addition to the tree benefit to the planet there are other things that trees do that we simply cannot do without such as: they provide shelter, act as wind breakers and wildlife habitats, attract birds, and create an area where you can sit and enjoy nature. Some types of trees can even be harvested and used for building materials. So, the tree you plant will help save the world, cut down on your electric bill, help keep your neighborhood safe and will also make you some money in the end by providing you with furniture or by helping with a re-growth program or two. In a time where many people are looking for alternative ways to power their homes, save on our dependence on foreign oil and decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere tree can be a very big help indeed.