Web design is a collection of skills and disciplines in the design

Web design is a collection of skills and disciplines in the design and administration of websites. The various areas of web design are web graphic design; web authoring, which encompasses the use of standardised and proprietary coding; the design of web-based user interfaces, content management; managing social media; SEO optimization and conversion of websites. There are sub-disciplines too, like usability, web development, creativity, design as well as server-side and client-side programming. Multimedia, like Flash, Shockwave or Java is becoming more widespread in web design.

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Web design is a broad field that can include creative work, like photography, music as well as videography; typography interactivity, art and architecture as well as visual communication. Web designers aim to offer customers products that are efficient as well as aesthetically appealing. Web designers are under pressure to meet deadlines and have to create an online site that is technically and functionally efficient. The secret to success in designing a website is to make sure that all components work together, and then to select the appropriate software to accomplish the task.

Web designers design the layout of the site and then select the content and then add images, photos video and interactivity to create a website that the client desires. Web designers may be involved in all stages of the process of designing a website typically, they divide their time between two main assignments – development and improvement. The process of designing the layout for the website is a simple task. It’s as simple as making a plan sketching it out on paper, and choosing what you want to do with it. Enhancement involves thinking of methods to make the site function efficiently and developing ways to make the website user-friendly.