Do VIP Need Bodyguard Protection?

The question “Do VIP need bodyguard protection?” can be quite a loaded one, as it depends on what exactly you mean by ‘VIP’. I was at the Bahamas one year and there were several members of the Royal Family who decided to ride around in a limousine without the guards on, which to me, is very dangerous. However, I should note that I wasn’t there to film or do photoshoots and this may mean that my opinion is different to yours. If you feel strongly about this, and I’m sure many of us do, then by all means make your point and get your own security detail.

The problem with the question “Do VIP need bodyguard protection?” is that there are so many assumptions that can be made by an onlooker. For example, some people might assume that the members of the royal family or other high-profile guests needed to have bodyguards because they were traveling with a lot of money. Whilst on the subject of money, I do feel that if you’re travelling for a wedding, going on an exclusive vacation, or even if you were attending a function as a guest of someone else, you probably need Personal Bodyguard Services to protect you.

So, I’ve decided not to answer the “Do VIP need bodyguard protection?” question anymore, as it just doesn’t make any sense. On the other hand, if you feel that protecting yourself is more important than getting all the beautiful women/men you want, then by all means feel that way! I wish you well in whatever you decide to do.