Warsaw Breakage Syndrome – Effective Measures Taken to Address the Problem

Warsaw breakage syndrome (WBS) is a very rare inherited disorder. Less than 10 documented cases have so far been reported in 2021. Its clinical features affect various organ systems of the body. It manifests mostly as neurological weakness, paralysis and at times complete paralysis, muscle wasting, at times muscular weakness, facial drooping, loss of vision, speech difficulties, mental instability, mental failure and short-time speech.

Its precise cause remains unknown to the medical fraternity. It seems to be caused by the destruction of myelin in the brain. This myelin sheath is highly fragile and breaks easily causing weakness of my nerves. In worse cases it can damage the spinal cord and cause long-term disability. Sometimes it can also cause a stroke.

The myelin sheath breakage leads to severe nerve damage, which may be irreversible. Permanent nerve damage is often life-threatening. Myelination of spinal cord starts getting compromised with time leading to total paralysis and sometimes death.


Several treatments are used in combination to improve the functioning of the entire body. Yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques are often used in Warsaw.

This condition usually occurs due to old age, but in rare cases it may occur owing to disease conditions. The treatment of Warsaw Breakage Syndrome is mainly focused on improving the overall body strength. This is done by improving the function of the muscular tissues of the legs. Massage therapy, special exercises and physiotherapy are given in a combined effort. Physical activities like swimming, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, camping and bodybuilding help to a great extent. Chiropractic treatment is also given to reduce back pain and osteoporosis.

The main problem of Warsaw Breakage Syndrome is that it causes great distress to patients and their families. Physical and mental stress are the most obvious symptoms of this syndrome. The physical and mental well being of patients is badly affected due to this disorder. Hence, suitable Warsaw Breakage Treatment is very important for the patients.

As with other similar diseases, prevention is the best cure for Warsaw Breakage Syndrome. Excessive stretching or any form of physical activity such as running or jogging should be avoided by all patients. Patients and their family need to be constantly monitored for any kind of change in behavior. Regular exercises and massage therapies can help patients prevent breakage.

Medications can be used to prevent breakage. Some of the common medications used in this condition include NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), antibiotics, antidepressants and steroids. All patients suffering from this condition are advised to stay away from stimulants such as tea and coffee as they can cause gastrointestinal upset. Surgical treatments such as sclerotherapy are also recommended for patients who suffer from this disease. A surgery known as otoplasty can be used for correcting nasal septum issues which are a common problem for patients.