Water Damage Restoration – A Brief Introduction

Water damage restoration is the restoration of an area affected by water in order to bring back its pre-incident state. Water damage refers to different potential losses resulting from water penetrating into a structure and allowing attacks of various microbial processes like rotary rotting of wood, mildew growth, mold proliferation, corrosion of metal, softening of metals like iron, de-lamination of materials like plywood, et al. In many cases, water damage may be visible only after the damage has taken place. Once the damage is at hand, water extraction, drying, and repair are the three major techniques used for the treatment and recovery of water damaged structures. Some of the most common techniques employed for this purpose are dehumidification, stabilization, and encapsulation.

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Dehumidification refers to the process of reducing the moisture content in a building by controlling the flow of air and water between indoor spaces. It is generally used before water mitigation, to prevent microbial growth due to low relative humidity. Stabilization is a technique used to reduce or prevent further water damage from sources like storm water run off, oil spill, or burst pipes; it is also useful for preventing the spread of mold. Encapsulation is used for preventing further water seepage and to eliminate dampness in the micro-structure of the building.

In cases where water damage restoration is not possible or is going to be complex, different techniques are being used for water cleanup, drying, and repair. These techniques are not only needed to prevent further damage but also to prevent further structure weakening. When structural integrity is compromised, the building is not only at risk of further corrosion but also of failing due to failure of the supporting structures. Thus, even if the damage is not that serious, it should still be addressed immediately and the structure should be restored to its original state to avoid further damage.