Zantac Settlement – A Free Case Evaluation Could Be Your Best Option

While no Zantac lawsuit has ever been reached as of late, legal experts anticipate that such prospects could be on the horizon, possibly worth billions of dollars. Zantac, which is a health and wellness company owned by Nestle Corporation, is currently engaged in a class-action suit with a number of men and women who say they developed heart problems from using Zantac. The manufacturers have admitted to mixing sodium benzoate and propylene glycol into their formulas, which is why the lawsuit is being pursued. Many people who have taken Zantac to treat their ailments have claimed to have experienced immediate relief, although others say that the effects were only fleeting. There is also the possibility that the company intentionally kept consumers in the dark about the composition of Zantac so as to drive up Zantac’s profits. Whatever the case, it is clear that there is substantial money to be made for those with attorneys that are versed in health and wellness litigations.

If you wish to pursue a Zantac lawsuit on your own, you must understand that doing so would be more expensive than simply filing a claim and receiving a monetary settlement. Additionally, once you file a lawsuit, you will not necessarily be compensated in cash. Rather, your lawyer will attempt to establish a judgment in a court of law against the defendant, meaning that there will be no monetary payments involved at all. For this reason, many people choose to pursue a settlement instead of going forward with a trial.

Ranitidine Lawsuit

If you have sustained injuries as a result of the defendant’s actions, a Zantac Lawsuit might be right for you. If the manufacturer is willing to share monetary damages with you, but wishes to avoid a trial, then it is much more feasible for you to receive a free case evaluation instead. In order to receive this evaluation, you must send a written notice to Zantac outlining all of your personal injuries and providing a dated and accurate medical-related summary of your case. This request for a free case evaluation should not be denied.