ADA Compliance and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

ADA compliance is necessary for any business that caters to people with disabilities. It is the law’s goal to make all business spaces accessible to all members of the community. This includes making the building or site more accessible and creating accessible website content. Whether you are designing an online store, creating a physical store, […]

How to Write a Dissertation

A thesis can be incrementally valuable in a field, but it should not make any dramatic leaps or discoveries. While only a handful of Ph.D. dissertations have ever made a major impact on their respective fields, a set of published works or products may be sufficient to significantly affect the field. Often, a dissertation’s significance […]

Importance of Custom Grading rubrics in the Examination Management Process

An examination management service is a program which has been designed to handle the entire examination process from start to finish. It covers all the major steps involved in examination management, starting with getting registration, completing study materials, to submission and distribution of certificates, and the preparation of final reports. Exam management services are especially […]