Although patients are sure to appear and feel better following weight loss surgery

For those who are severely overweight and aren’t seeing the results of diet and exercise alone, weight loss surgery is now the most secure and most effective way to achieve significant weight reduction. Studies have demonstrated that when you rely on only exercise and diet alone approximately 95 percent of overweight patients will lose all […]

Based on a recent review of EPA information 21 power plants

Based on a recent review of EPA information 21 power plants across 10 states such as Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina and Ohio have released arsenic into the rivers or other body of water. The data shows that landfills from power plants have contaminated groundwater with harmful chemical substances in over 12 states. Although we have […]

Epilepsy is distributed almost equally between males and females

While epilepsy can begin at any time in the course of a person’s life, typically epilepsy is first diagnosed during childhood and of all , in the first year of life . approximately 140 of 100,000 infants younger than one have epilepsy diagnosed each year. The number drops to around 40 adults per 100,000. Recent […]

Manage other conditions that could cause asthma to become more severe

The treatment for asthma is not available. The aim of management is to control the condition. This includes: Avoid recurring and chronic symptoms such as nocturnal coughing Reduce the dosage of medications. Singulair mental health symptoms Maintaining lung function Regular maintenance of routine In preventing severe asthmatic attacks that will require hospitalization as well as […]

Commercial usage of birth control methods started in the year 1960

With the exponential increase in the population of the world and the rising concern for HIV/AIDS is forcing us to think about methods to prevent births. The population of the world is estimated to be 6.4 billion, with an an annual increase of 76 million and , consequently, is projected to grow to 9 billion […]

Autoimmune chronic cystitis can be a persistent medical disease

Autoimmune chronic cystitis can be a persistent medical disease that affects the bladder and urinary system of the body. Based on the statistical data collected from medical professionals within the United States, it has been discovered that about 1 million people in the country suffer from this illness. People who suffer from this particular condition […]

Although hormonal IUDs are able to alleviate painful symptoms

The lower back issue is among the lesser known adverse effects of IUDs or intrauterine devices. Nevertheless, the forums for women’s health are filled with stories from women suffering from lower back pain which began just after the introduction of IUDs. IUDs are tiny, flexible, contraceptive devices that are shaped like a T and inserted […]