A Lawn Mower Explained

A lawn mower is an automated entity or individual that either cuts grass or various other plants that grow in the soil. Usually cutting grass is separated into reaping, which utilizes mechanical implements, and harvesting, which makes use of human horsepower, e.g. with combines and reapers. The cutting part of the lawn mower may be manually powered or may be powered by an engine.

Most lawn mowers are classified into three major classes, namely, there are push mowers, mid-sized engines and power generators. A push mower usually generates rotational torque and is utilized to cut grass in yards or small fields. Typically, the most common type of lawn mower seen nowadays is a mini-mower that has a small engine and is mainly used for landscaping and personal preferences. Mini-mowers can also be quite beneficial for people who have limited space for an outdoor lawn.

ride on greens mowers

Mid-sized engines like gas or diesel-powered lawn mowers are often found in most homes and are suitable for cutting wide and flat lawns. Mower power is supplied by a drive unit, an engine, and a cutting width that are usually variable from the model or brand. Cutting widths range from four to more than ten inches. Also, most gas powered machines have their own electric motor to assist in the movement of the blades.