Insights Into the Search Engine Ranking System

This summer, there will be many SEO news items floating around that will have a significant impact on your marketing efforts this year. Google has implemented many new features and made major changes in their ranking system. Many SEO professionals are scrambling to figure out the new rules and how they can effect their businesses. One area that has been hit hard by the new rules is article writing. The rules now state that a website cannot exceed two original articles for each keyword used in the article submission.

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There have been many changes made in how search engines determine a website’s relevancy. Google has implemented many new features that give them insights into the quality of a site. Google has recently made major changes to how they display page names in the organic search rankings and most SEO professionals are up in arms over this news. In this article, you will find the latest highlights of SEO news from August 21st. These updates have been affecting SEO Roundtable traffic value so stay tuned!

If you want to get up to speed on the latest developments, it is time to subscribe to Google’s RSS feeds so you are constantly updated with the latest developments. Also check out our Google+ page where we showcase the best websites for search engine rankings. You can check out the latest updates in one place, but it is probably wiser to keep up with the latest developments throughout the whole year. It’s more important that you understand how Google measures a website’s quality and relevance than just the obvious factors like keyword density and meta tags. Using the latest insights provided by Google, webmasters and professionals can truly optimize their websites to obtain top rankings in search engine results.