Security Driving Jobs Are in Demand

A security driver is a person who works as an enabler of crime deterrence, making it less likely that crimes will be committed in a vehicle moving in a specific way. While many people have been conditioned to think of a security driver as some kind of robot with a machine gun pointing at a potential terrorist or criminal, this is not the case. A security driver is a highly trained individual with years of training under their belt, often studied in the art of deterrence.

A security driver is a person who practices transportation law and criminal defense while driving. Such individuals are highly trained drivers who also possess many years of driving experience along with a thorough knowledge of traffic laws that apply to their area. Security drivers tend to employ a wide range of skills, often combining evasive and sometimes even defensive driving techniques with comprehensive vehicle maintenance and safety inspection and repair.

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There are numerous benefits to hiring a security driver for your business or private transportation needs. The most obvious is the individual’s ability to provide overall superior driving conditions while keeping everyone as safe as possible. This type of driver will be well trained and very familiar with current traffic laws as well as the specific requirements for each state, including how to drive certain types of vehicles. A high-risk driver will have undergone extensive driver safety training, defensive driver courses, and other types of protective operations to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Security drivers are also familiar with the various job opportunities in their field. Since the driving job involves so much more than just driving a vehicle, many security drivers have learned that it pays to know the various job opportunities within the industry. Many security drivers have made good money by pursuing other employment opportunities such as being an information technology (IT) manager, a security guard, a police officer, or a paralegal. The increased amount of job opportunities available for these individuals makes the security driving position a very desirable position. Individuals who are looking to move up to management positions often choose to enroll in a security guard school to gain more skills and knowledge required to be successful in their new positions.

It’s not just about the job opportunities, however. A great number of safety-related positions are available for skilled security drivers such as executive protection officers, which require a different set of skills and certifications than regular patrol officers. In addition, they have a specialized set of tools and equipment that allows them to help their customers protect their business and their assets. Some of the products security drivers use include immobilizers, alarms, flashlights, GPS tracking systems, lights, and sirens. In order to qualify for a job as an executive protection officer, potential candidates must demonstrate a high degree of driving skill, leadership ability, customer service skills, and a high level of knowledge and understanding of the most up-to-date defensive driving strategies.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to being a qualified security driver, especially when it comes to security jobs that involve VIP clients. You’ll need a solid education, a demonstrated driving record, and plenty of experience under your belt to stand out amongst other competing applicants. If you’re interested in becoming one of the most sought after executive protection drivers in the country, take the time to complete an online security driving course today. With a little work, you could soon be standing behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle as a trusted security driver for some of the most prestigious companies in the world!