Understanding Drug Abuse Treatment

Many people struggle with addiction to drugs, but the reality is that for most people who abuse drugs, drug abuse treatment programs are the only option for them. Drug abuse treatment centers have been widely successful in reducing drug abuse among people of all ages. Research has proven that combining strong criminal justice penalties with drug abuse treatment is exceptionally effective in reducing drug abuse and related crimes. People under such legal compulsion often do better and stay in treatment for a longer period than people not under such compulsion. Also, drug abuse treatment centers are able to provide individuals with the resources that they need to cope with life as an ex-addict.

Drug abuse treatments use both medicinal and non-medicinal interventions in helping individuals cope with the physical, psychological, social and environmental aspects of drug abuse. Treatments aim at preventing the further acquisition of drugs, ensuring safety from the onset of addiction, teaching coping mechanisms, eliminating incentive systems that encourage users to resort to dangerous behaviors, developing skills for managing stress and anxiety, eliminating chemical and alcohol dependency and learning skills for quitting. In addition, patients go through detoxification to eliminate the physical aspects of drug abuse and their emotional and psychological attachments to it.

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Detoxification is a critical step in the recovery process because it allows a person to remove themselves from the powerful stimulants (especially opiates) that created the addiction in the first place. Although individuals may initially feel calm and well-rested after detox, detoxification can cause serious emotional and psychological problems and can also lead to serious health complications, especially as time goes by. Many people enter into detox thinking they are going to have a rest from addiction and actually find out that the opposite occurs. The withdrawal symptoms, which can include extreme nausea, diarrhea, sweating, tremors, anxiety, and insomnia, make detoxification difficult for many individuals to handle, leading many to try to hasten recovery and push off the process until later.