Why Keyword Ranking Systems Is Important

What was once an obscure process involving hours of mathematical equations has now become a simple process with the help of Google Keyword Ranking System. Now it is possible to find out exactly how many people are searching for your keywords using this tool. The best part about Keyword Ranking System is that it allows you to analyze two completely different aspects of the internet marketing game: the organic search results and the paid advertising results. The analysis shows how many people are searching for your niche using natural search terms versus paid advertisements.

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The first major upgrade that changed this all was Google’s move towards encrypted searching and the now infamous “not offered” appearance of Google Analytics on the search results pages. This means that you can no longer just discover which keywords are really bringing in the most organic traffic to your site. No longer do you have to sift through millions of results to discover which keywords work. You can also see how many people are searching for those keywords, how much traffic each of those keywords is bringing you and more importantly how much money you are making with those keywords. This upgrade has dramatically changed the game.

The second major upgrade to the Google Keyword Ranking System that made a huge difference for me personally was the inclusion of the AHREFs. The AHREFs are a collection of web directories that are tightly organized by topic into affiliate websites. When someone clicks on one of these links to visit a particular website, the search engines will then take the marketer’s website and place it into the “AHREFs” section of the Google search results page. So, instead of looking at the competition in your niche you now see the actual keywords and key phrases being used by the top marketers in your industry to drive traffic to their sites.