Shower Repair – Shampoo Removal, Shower Restoration And Faucet Repairs

One of the most frequent shower repair problems people encounter is due to the shingle holding the water in place. In these cases, an overlay is typically done around the shower floor to level it and assist the water to drain properly. After the shower repair is performed a new seamless fiberglass liner is then installed to the shower walls. Shoppers looking to save money on this type of renovation should know that fiberglass is the least expensive material to use. Fiberglass shower floors also resist mold and mildew, which means a longer life span for the shower.

shower repair

Glass showers may also experience some dripping problems. Shoppers looking to save money on these repairs should know that fiberglass is again the least expensive choice, even when coupled with the overlay. In these instances, a new glass liner is then applied over the existing one. While this will stop any leaking, it does not stop the dripping and puddling issues that many glass showers have. Many times a drip will not affect the functionality of a glass shower, but a puddle in the shower can create a big mess and be extremely tough to get to.

Shower repairs for leaks can also include faucet repairs, soap dish repairs and valve and stem repairs. Shoppers looking to perform their own repairs for these fixtures may find some challenges. For example, faucets need to be turned off before working on them, because of potential water damage. Therefore, a skilled faucet repair person should be consulted. A simple solution to this issue is to install shower fixtures that require no water shut off. These fixtures include shower curtains, shower heads and valves.