The process of getting a new boiler installed is expensive

Modern boilers are known to be expensive because of the complexity of the electronics within. On the other hand, they can to save money as they are more energy efficient than previous B-grade boilers, their initial expense of installing a boiler could be significant.

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In any installation There are however several different factors which could both save money as well as increase the total price, and we’ve listed some of these principal factors below.

What is the effect of the boiler installation cost?

Of all the variables that affect the total cost These are the three we’ve found to be both the most significant and frequently neglected:

Size of the Property It will be directly correlated with the cost of installation. The bigger the house, the larger rooms to heat, which will mean more radiators to be installed and an even larger capacity boiler to be installed. Even if you have the necessary infrastructure/pipework in place, you’ll still be looking at bigger and more expensive boilers to install. A factor that is often ignored is the potential for extending the house. If you’re planning to expand the property in the near future it’s worth investing in an appliance that is equipped to handle the additional dimensions and heating needs of the new rooms.

Existing boiler infrastructure: Do you have radiators and pipework in place that are appropriate to be used with your new boiler? If so , they could cut the cost of installation considerably. However, they’ll still require power-flushing prior to the new boiler being installed. If not, you’ll need an entire plumbing installation that includes radiators, all pipes and other items like water tanks.

The type of boiler you choose This may appear to be to be a simple thing but the choice of the boiler will have an impact on the total price for the undertaking. The type of fuel will result in various boilers with different prices and, depending on regardless of whether you’re using oil or gas, for example, the price of the boiler will be different. If you’re using gas only it is possible to choose a Grade A high-efficiency boiler, which although more costly at first however, will help you save a significant amount of dollars every year on fuel costs.