There are many pros and cons of body piercing

Some youths seek body piercings to improve their looks, show independence, and stand out from the crowd. Others may get body piercings as a way to fit in with their peers. Others wish to be different from their friends who aren’t pierced, so they will be more respected. If you are considering getting body piercings, you need to understand the risks.

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Firstly, it can be painful. The process of piercing is often associated with nausea, swelling, and other symptoms. In addition to pain, the healing process may also cause discomfort. Secondly, some people experience allergic contact dermatitis, the most common non-infectious skin complication. Nickel-containing piercings are associated with a high risk of developing allergic contact dermatitis. To prevent this reaction, body pinning artists recommend using hypoallergenic metalware and removing jewelry after the healing period.

In general, women and young adults are the most likely to get body piercing. Research suggests that piercing is associated with increased risk-taking behavior and the search for identity. However, there is no evidence to support the link between body piercing and low self-esteem or psychopathology. While there are no known negative consequences of piercing, it is important to note that multiple alterations to a single site may lead to an increased risk of concurrent high-risk behaviour and emotional distress.