Types of Flaws in Diamond Jewelry

Before purchasing a diamond ring, you should understand how the gem is cut. A fancy cut means the diamond has a shape other than round. A flaw is any inclusion in the stone that is visible to the naked eye. A feather is a diamond inclusion that is difficult to see. There are several different types of flaws in a diamond. To understand a flaw, first you should understand what it is. This will help you choose the right diamond for your ring.


The most common defects of a diamond are chips and cavities. A chip is a tiny opening in the diamond. A cavity is a deeper pit. A cloud is a cluster of pinpoints. A twinning wisp is a distortion in the crystal structure. A twinning wisp resembles a crease. Internal graining is a network of tiny lines. A bruising or bruised diamond looks like a bunch of feathers.

There are two types of flaws in a diamond. A chip is a shallow opening, while a cavity is a large one. A cavity is caused by the falling off of a crystal. This can cause a cloud. A cloud is a hazy patch. Another type of flaw is twinning wisps. These are distortions in the crystal structure that look like creases. A diamond with internal graining is a rough diamond.

Diamonds have amazing physical properties. Besides their lucid color, diamonds have the highest solidity and thermal conductivity. This is why they are widely used in jewelry and for other purposes, including industrial ones. If you’re looking to buy a new diamond ring, you can find a lot of great choices on Farfetch. It also has a great variety of designer brands and small labels. You’ll be able to find a statement-making chandelier earring or a pave dog tag.

A diamond’s clarity is the first step to a successful engagement. It is an excellent way to show off your love and commitment. A diamond’s clarity is not affected by light. In other words, it will not affect the color of the ring. The clarity of a diamond depends on the type of facets. For example, a stone with a chip is more expensive than a diamond with a cavity. When looking at a diamond, it is best to look for a stone that is faceted so that it’s able to stand out from the rest.

The color of a diamond is very important. Ideally, it should be colorless. The brightest diamonds are the most precious, and the most expensive ones are the most valuable. However, even the slightest amount of fluorescence in a diamond may lower the price of the stone. While the radiance is a major feature of a diamond, it can also affect the quality of the stone. Therefore, you should always check the stone’s clarity and its cut before making your purchase.