Website Builder – Types of Builder

Website builders are software programs that typically help the building of various websites without manual coding. They fall into two major categories: WYSIWYG and graphical. The latter are more user-friendly and more complicated than the former; however, there are certain aspects of graphical tools that can be very confusing if one is not an expert in web development or designing.

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Most of the website builders offer a WYSIWYG editor that allows one to quickly select design elements that will be used in the website. These design elements may include columns, headers, footers, borders, side panels, and many other design elements. If one does not have much experience with HTML, it may be difficult to use these tools because they require one to use relative tags. Unless one is comfortable with HTML or CSS, it may be better to hire a web designer instead.

A visual website builder also has the functionality of the WYSIWYG editor but uses a combination of a WYSIWYG and a designer-created template. If one already has a website and would like to add in a few new pages, the designer may suggest the use of a template. The templates are generally very basic with just text boxes for navigation and graphic elements such as text and links. Although this type of builder is more expensive than the WYSIWYG version, it is often the best way to customize a website.