What are the food ingredients that can be a meat alternatives for vegans

Almost all foods made from animal meat have a delicious taste and fragrant aroma. However, whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian diet designer, or a person who still consumes meat, of course, we agree that eating too much meat is not healthy for the body. For those of you who want to reduce meat consumption, a vegetarian diet, or are a vegan, now you can feel the sensation of eating meat without having to eat real meat. You can replace animal meat with vegetarian meat in your cooking menu. Vegetable meat / plant-based meat is a vegetable product that is processed in such a way that it resembles animal meat but still has the same taste sensation. The protein content is not inferior to animal meat. What meat substitutes can you enjoy?

1. Tofu

Since several decades ago, people have often used tofu as a delicious food ingredient. You can eat tofu directly or cook a mixture of processed foods such as stir fry or soup. As an alternative to meat, tofu contains many nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B12, and iron. Usually, vegans use tofu as a substitute for cheese or eggs. The protein content is quite high and can meet 11 grams of the body’s needs in every 113 grams of serving.

2. Tempe

Tempe is a dish of processed soybeans that can be an alternative to vegetarian meat. Tempe is mostly consumed by Asian people. Tempe has a higher protein, fiber, and vitamin content than tofu because it is made from whole soybeans. In general, people process tempeh by frying it, grilling it, steaming it, or making it into a mixture in stir-frying vegetables. However, with the current development of food, you can make tempeh into a substitute for meat whose taste and texture resemble real meat. You can use substitute meat from processed tempeh to meet protein needs in the body.

meat substitutes

3. Mushrooms

In many protein preparations for vegans and vegetarians, mushrooms are a vegetarian meat alternative that you can rely on. Mushrooms have a similar taste to meat and are easy to prepare. Nowadays, you can find many processed mushrooms that look like chicken and also meats. Another advantage of mushrooms is that they are very high in fiber and low in calories, so they are suitable for people who are on a diet to reach their ideal body weight. With mushrooms, you can make various recipes that usually use animal meat as the main ingredient, such as steak, stew, hamburger patty, or dumpling filling mixes.

4. Legumes

Kidney beans, black beans, soybeans, and all beans that fall into the “legumes” category are meat substitutes for vegans. After being processed, that can resemble animal flesh. Legumes contain complex carbohydrates, which the body’s digestion process is slower than other types of carbohydrates. You will be able to feel full longer because of its high fiber content. Besides, pods also contain vitamins and minerals that are good for body intake. You can fulfill the nutrients in your body even if you don’t eat animal meat.